How Much do Interior Designers Charge in New Jersey?

How much will it cost to work with an interior designer in New Jersey?

If you need decorating help with your home, there has never been a better time! Furniture stores, retail stores like Pottery Barn, and even tile stores are set up to help clients with their decorating choices. 

While some stores may include design help with the purchase of furniture, others may charge a fee added to the price of furnishings purchased at the store.

Or, better yet, you can hire an interior designer. A interior designer is qualified to help with not only furniture, but with kitchen and bath design, floorplan design, architectural review or simply paint color selection, etc.

The beauty of using an independent interior designer is that they work with clients in all aspects of design, remodeling and renovation. 

We work alongside contractors, trades people (electricians, plumbers, tile installers) or architects to keep the client’s project on track and everyone involved on the same ‘wavelength.’

A designer’s fee is often based on an hourly charge for professional help. For instance, for  consultation and design services, a designer may offer a package that would include such things as: 
  • Five at home visits, including measuring the space and discussing client preferences
  • A floorplan, a furniture plan, a concept board and window treatment suggestions
A plan such as the one above could cost $750 per room and up, depending on the size of the room and the extent of the interior design project. The plan may specify a floorplan layout, the style and size of furniture, or finish and fabric suggestions.

Another aspect of design assistance is shopping with or for clients at retail stores. Here, the designer often charges an hourly fee (in NJ and Metro NYC typically from $95 to $250 per hour depending on location). 

How To Start Your Project

What's the first step to making the changes you long for in your home?
After an initial meeting with a homeowner, the interior designer determines the extent of the help needed. She then prepares a proposal for services, that includes a retainer, fee or payment plan plus proposed schedule. 

While there is no one standard billing method, each design project should be custom-tailored to fit the needs and the budget of the client. Interior design is not only an art,  it includes professional expertise to pull all the pieces together. 

Whether working with a client on a fixed fee, an hourly or a cost-plus fee, your designer will be working throughout the design process to insure that your ultimate goal of creating a beautiful home or commercial space that is on track in accordance with your budget and expectations.

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