Why You Should take Time to Think Through your new Kitchen's design to get the Kitchen of your Dreams


Answer: Because that's the only way to get the kitchen you really want!

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A few years ago I worked with a new client on the redesign of their kitchen. However, on my first visit to their home, I noticed that their existing kitchen looked rather new. Why would they plan to change their few years old existing kitchen? 

What happened to make them want to go through changing and investing in another new kitchen? Simply put, poor planning and design made their kitchen inefficient and uncomfortable in the preparation of daily meals.

However, at the end of our new re-design, their kitchen has the open, spacious and efficient layout that their lifestyle demands. This time I made sure there was in-depth discussion on everything involved in the remodel.

From countertop selection and height to appliance selection, from range placement to range hood style, flooring and more. We covered it all and discussed every detail to get it right this time.

Simply put, an investment in time will insure the best results in your remodeling investment. Whether choosing paint colors, rug style, drapery or bigger projects like kitchen and bath remodeling, do the research, communicate your wish list and make sure everyone understands your ultimate goals.

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