Do you swear you'll find a better refrigerator, range, etc, next time around?

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What was showing its age in our house this week? Well, thankfully - it was not us! The problem started a few weeks ago and this weekend we had to come to terms with it. OK, so what pray tell am I talking about?

Frankly, it's our refrigerator. Actually, it was the refrigerator door handle. A handle that worked for eleven years and opened up the frig everyday without a hitch, was now incapable of doing what it did best for all those years.

Actually, we were surprised to discover (when we looked up the refrigerator's parts catalogue) that we had the refrigerator that long - eleven years! And, since our stainless frig still looks good, we opted to replace the handle and hope nothing else goes kaput in the near future.
In the meantime, we know the 'near future' can be here before you know it! However, the next time  we look for new appliances, we'll come prepared with more knowledge than we did eleven years ago. Today's appliances wield allot more energy efficiency than a decade or two ago according to a  kitchen and bath trade journal article on dishwashers.

Here is what the K + BB trade journal has to say about today's efficient kitchen task masters - dishwashers:
  • For a quieter dishwasher check out the Energy Star rated Bosch 800.
  • The Electrolux EIDW5905 uses "41% less energy".
  • GE has a steam clean pre-wash cycle.
  • Miele's Futura series has "additional racks and adjustable storage options."
How have your appliances held up? What do you dislike about them? What do you love about them?
What do you know now, that you didn't know then?

Can't wait to hear your stories from the kitchen trenches!
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Start here, if you're not sure where to begin with your new Kitchen

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'Function' is not a word that gets much attention, but 'function' is where great design starts, especially in the kitchen. Take for instance the article I read about in Kitchen and Bath Design News. Mary Jo Peterson's editorial in K& B comments on the process that led to designing a state-of-the-art kitchen/entertaining space for the dot-com company located in the SoHo area in Manhattan.

Mary Jo remarks that the design of the space began "with a list of the functions of the space and the wish list...". Every detail, whether flooring, cabinetry, appliances, etc. was given the utmost attention. Obviously, the attention to detail was a "great example of prioritizing...".

To view the kitchen of note, check out the video tour at: Tasting Table.

Remember - function first, then plan your first Dinner Party in your well-designed, functional and noteworthy and maybe famous, new kitchen.
Interior designer, Mary Alice Smith of M. A. Smith, Ltd. can be reached at: 732 690-2030

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