5 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Home This Fall 

This is you and/or your designer- making your project happen with a Plan

The Fall season is finally at our doorstep - yay! But wait, all those projects you thought you were going to do last season  - are they still not done?

A project can be as small as re-arranging your bookcase or as large as planning a new kitchen or bath. Either way, the best laid plans all have one thing in common - a schedule. 

 I understand life gets in the way and other things beckon. But, nothing will change unless you do the following scheduled steps that I do to get started:

  • Start with a writing a list of the ONE thing that needs to be changed 
  • Create a file of pages of your favorite rooms, homes or gardens that you love or just go to Pinterest and create a board of the top rooms you love
  • Break the list into steps needed to complete your project
  • Add dates to complete each step onto your calendar
  • Call the one person who can help you complete the steps

For instance, our Master Bath cried for a renovation. However, I am so busy helping my clients with their renovations, I have little time to spare. But after working on the layout and selecting the tile, vanity, etc. we were ready to make our first appointment with the contractor, my plumber and my tile installer. Once you have your team in place, you'll find the project will get going. 

Now that our Master Bath is done, our Family Room is next on our list. Our ONE thing that needs to be changed is the paint color. I'll keep you posted with what I have in mind, but for now, I've got to go and do the ONE thing on my exercise list for today.

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