How To Complete Your Project The Easy Way

Photo courtesy of Maax

I can see myself soaking in the tub above (created by Maax) after finishing one of my many projects at home or with clients. My home to-do list is as long as most of my clients', but I have a secret way of tackling my list that works for me every time.

The secret is that I break my projects into pieces. Each piece of the 'project puzzle' is doable within one hours' time. For instance, my project 'puzzle' is my garage that is in total disarray. There are so many empty packing boxes, paint sample boards and shopping bags from a recent interior design installation, that it fills up half of my garage. Where do you start to tackle this enormous amount of cardboard and packaging?

First, I start by pulling out only the cardboard pieces. I then cut them into pieces that fit into our recyclable container. Between the pulling and the cutting, it takes one hour to complete that portion of the garage cleanup. But once that is done, I decide that the next phase will be dealing with the loose paper, shopping bags and shipping fillers - this week's project.

Rome wasn't built in a day and my garage won't be completed in a day either. But, that's okay. As long as I tackle the project in phases, I know it's doable and can be accomplished without spending an entire day in the garage. I, like you, have better (more fun and enjoyable) things to do!

Lesson: Break your project into doable sections and get a small 'win' to keep you moving in the right direction.

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Why little things mean so much...

Courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine

A simple breakfast nook
may be all you need
to give your day a
great start!

Maybe a happy fabric print
is enough to wake you
up in the morning.

Instead of table and chairs,
use a banquette.

Contrast cool white surfaces
with warm wood pieces.

In other words, shake things up a bit,
be brave, and try something different
for a change!
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