Great DecoratingTrends to Change the way You Feel in a Room

The best Trends for a New Look in Your Home this Spring
Yes, the wind may be howling outside, the temperature's not a perfect 70 degrees but it's for sure that Spring is heading your way. You may be like my clients who suddenly have the desire to change things up a bit at home. Let me open the door to a new look with a few ideas to get you going today.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Change can be big or little. It can be a change in color for a space, or texture for a sofa, or new window treatments that are on your to-do list. Whatever the case, think about what you can do this month, to add that pizazz you've been needing and wanting for awhile.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

 Color can be a simple quick change that you can do with flowers. Or maybe it's change in wall color like the one above from Benjamin Moore. Doesn't it look like a soft blue? Well, it's actually Wickham Gray HC171. Look again at this photo. See the chandelier, maybe all you need is a new chandelier to add a sparkle to your room. Or...
 Texture! Yes, texture can add so much to a room. Truly wallcovering is totally in style for today's homes. With all the interest in more linear sofas, wood and iron cocktail tables and more, you want to keep your home from looking sterile and blah.
The way to do that, to make your rooms stand out can be adding textural wallcovering like the one shown in the photo.
In other words, if the walls were only painted it would look 'nice'. Who wants just 'nice'?
And by the way, you may have noticed that the vase contrasts so well with the wallcovering.
(Don't tell anyone, but that's a designer's best kept secret - using contrast, as shown in this photos by Hartmann & Forbes Inc. )
But wait, there's more...

Pattern Baby!
Photo courtesy of Garnet Hill
Pattern. Yes, adding pattern to a room of solids will most definitely change the look of a room.
Now don't get too crazy with this, just a little goes a long way.

 Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

 Ok, so you have my best advice for today, for this season. Mix things up a bit. Try color, texture or pattern and put that pizazz back into your life!