Five of my Favorite Myths or Secrets about Decorating your Home with Paint

Photo courtesy of Country Living 

  1. Dark paint colors make a room look smaller - wrong! Dark paint colors give a small space the oomph it needs to look important. There is a warm and enveloping feeling that you can't always get from a pale shade of paint. 
  2. Trim has to be either stained or painted white. Please give this one myth up ASAP! In our own home we used a medium shade of gray on our formerly lackluster white interior doors. 
  3. Gray paint is not a warm color. Wrong again! Yes, some grays are cooler grays, but there's a warm gray for everybody. We used Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray on our hallways and Foyer. It's a beigy/soft/greige that changes throughout the day. It's perfect if you want to be 'engaged' but not commit to gray. 
  4. Everyone in the house has to love the color I choose. Trust me, not everyone has the faintest idea of what paint can do for a house. For instance, if your toddler craves purple, would you respect her choice and paint your home purple? If you're unsure on what color to select, look into hiring an interior designer to help make the best choice of color. 
  5. All paints are the same, so buy less expensive paint. After twenty years in the business of interior design, I can speak as an expert. Do buy good paint, it will look and last better than cheaper paints. 
Lastly, (as much as I love my painters) let them do their work but save the color selection to you or your designer. Not every color looks the same in every house. I've seen paint colors in my clients homes that I would have loved in my home. But, we have different light, floor color, furnishings and all that can change how a color looks. 

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Puzzled about designing your Home?

Today is like any other day as as interior designer. With a variety of projects to work on, it can feel overwhelming every once in awhile. It's like working with a puzzle. You have the finished work in mind, but it takes patience and concentration to pull it all together. 

I found this quote that explains the 'puzzle phenomenon' that can apply when decorating your home or to life in general. 

"Life isn't 
about finding pieces 
of a puzzle. 
It's about
and putting
 those exceptional
Glenn van Dekken 

So it's a good thing that I love puzzles! I love finding the pieces that bring my clients' vision together. And like working on a puzzle, it takes time and thought, patience and courage to finish the project. 

It's not any one piece of the 'puzzle' that is important. Every piece is important. For instance, it's not just a sofa that will transform a room. It's a medley of a number of things orchestrated together to give a room life, that will give it its soul. 

So, be patient with yourself (or your designer). The best things in life take time!