Part V - Continued...Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Sofas and Chairs

Photo courtesy of F. Schumacher
Imagine the chairs above, upholstered in a tiny floral print. Instead of noticing the graceful lines of the chairs, your eyes would stop at the pattern of the fabric. The lines of the chairs would be lost, because chairs like the ones shown above require fabric that enhances not detracts from their form.

An easy way to decide on which fabric to use are the following suggestions:
  • Use traditional fabric on traditional pieces (unless you are a skilled designer with loads of experience)
  • Large rooms can handle large repeating patterns, smaller rooms can get a great look using fabrics with a great texture
  • Solid fabrics will maintain a 'timeless' look
  • Use the color on the upholstery to enhance the mood of the room. Warm up the room or cool it down with color (reds, orange, yellows are warm/blues, greens are cool, for instance)
  • Tight woven fabrics often last longer and keep their shape better than loose weaves
  • Decide if the sofa or chair needs sun resistant fabric
  • Will the sofa be used daily or just for company? Durability is key for daily use when selecting fabrics for sofas and chairs
  • Use pillows to update or refresh with the change of seasons
  • When in doubt go neutral with the sofa fabric - add color and pattern with throws
It's not so hard to choose the right fabric, if you take the time to cover the points above.
After all, decorating is supposed to be fun - right?

Stay 'tuned' for the next BestDesignCoach blog post to find out about my Website's list of the most important items to consider when decorating a Home.

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Part V - How to Choose Fabrics for Your Home

Photo courtesy of Phoebe Howard/Coastal Living
Are we talking about fabrics for your sofas and chairs? Yes, because you'll probably invest more in fabric for seating than for other uses such as: windows, bedding, pillows, etc. Fabrics for seating come in a vast array of fibers. Choose wisely and your seating will last longer and look better for years to come.

What fibers are available to give durability? Look for tightly woven fabrics or pile fabrics (with uncut loops) that have a deep and close pile like velvet, for instance. Some fabrics also have latex applied to the back to prevent unravelling.

Now that you see how important the fibers are to your seating, you can give more attention to the style of your seating fabric. Check back soon and we'll talk about what you should think about when choosing color or pattern for your sofas and armchairs.

Stay 'tuned' for the next  BestDesignCoach blog post to find out about my Website's  list of the most important items to consider when decorating a Home.

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