Compromising is win-win even in a Bathroom

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Today is the second post on bathrooms. When clients decide to renovate a bath,
they will usually end up spending 1/3 of their budget on vanities.
So it's very important to weigh all the pros and cons before selecting the vanity
for your new bath.

In the photo above, it is evident that there was a need to mix classic
and rustic in this small space.

What I like about the design of the bathroom above are the following details:
  • The white cabinetry helps a small space appear larger
  • The elevated center cabinet raises your eye upward and gives depth to the space
  • The arch of the mirror adds a element of 'softness' to all the linear things going on with the cabinet doors
  • The sconces add whimsy and interest without being overwhelming
  • It appears that there is a nod to the feminine and the masculine preferences (a win-win approach)

What do you like about your bathroom?  What do you keep thinking you would like to change - someday, in your bathroom?
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Why ceilings are high on my list of areas to update

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Look up at your ceilings. Chances are they are painted white
and have been that way for some time.

Ceilings may not be first on your list to decorate,
but maybe this year you'll find how painting a ceiling with color
can add dimension and interest to your home. 

Our Family Room ceiling is painted with a soft blue and after three years,
I still love how it elevates the space and draws your eyes upward -
just like a beautiful sky.


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Would you or would you not use wood for a countertop?

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Notice how the wood countertop warms up the corner of this white kitchen. While the main sink may be surrounded by granite, marble or quartz countertop, a shorter run of countertop, as in the photo shown here, is a great place to add the warmth of wood to a kitchen.

(This photo features a wood countertops by J. Aaron. One of the features of their countertops is a "permanent waterproof satin finish" for their top grade hardwoods.)
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