The Secret to Successful Decorating

Contrast make this room interesting
A Designer's To Do List to Decorate Your Home 

You might be well on your way to finishing a room. Furniture is delivered and the walls have a new coat of paint. But something is missing.

You've done your homework but somehow your room doesn't look like the one in Pinterest or Coastal Home. It's frustrating and I know how you feel. But there's an answer to be sure.

When I visit homes for the first time, I see the rooms with fresh eyes. If you live day to day in a home, you might not be able to see the things I see. 

For instance, if the lighting is uneven, even the best dressed rooms will look flat. Perhaps you could use some table lamps, uplights or a spot on art work. 

Or, is there enough contrast in the room? Contrast is important to bring a room to life. You can add contrast with a nubby throw on a soft fabric sofa. A vase in a bright color can add pizzazz to the space just as a mirror adds a touch of sparkle to a room. 

Simply put, layer your rooms with objects that give it personality. Use books, flowers, plants, art and accessories to give it the sense that it is a well lived and well loved home.