Need a Lift to Brighten Your Day? Try this...

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Mid-season is a great time to change things up a bit in your home. If you're happy with your wall paint color, but something seems missing, maybe this could help.

Adding a little color to a space can give you the feeling of a new space, a new look and a new start. You don't always have to 'reinvent' the wheel to gain a new perspective on your home. For instance: 

New chair cushion fabric color

may be all you need
to give your day a
great start!

Maybe a zippy print design
is enough to wake you
up in the morning.

Or, instead of table and chairs,
use a banquette.

Contrast cool white surfaces
with warm wood pieces.

Add a new light fixture

over the table.

New placemats are the 

easiest way to get a new look.

In other words, shake things up a bit,
be brave, and try something different
for a change!

Adding This Can Change Your World

Photo courtesy of Leonie Freeman / Hardie Grant Books

One of the most talked about words I can think of is - color. Maybe it's because I'm a designer and I select colors almost every day for my clients. Yet, I notice at parties, events and chats with friends, that color almost always comes up in the discussion. 

We could be discussing colors for the upcoming wedding, the color of a sunset or the color of a new puppy. We select fruit, vegetables and even meat, fish or poultry based on how the 'color' looks. 

However, one color I never seem to wear is the color 'green'. I think it goes back to years wearing a green school uniform. It's not that I don't like green (our bedroom is a forest green), it's just one of those things with my wardrobe. 

In our home though you can find lots of green as an accent color. Mostly it's the green of the hydrangea leaves or the green of a large fern in a basket. I can't imagine not having plants in our home. The most beautiful homes I've visited have plants like orchids with their wide leaves, or ficus trees with shiny leaves, or beautiful rooms with leafy design wallpapers. Plants 'complete' a room just like jewelry completes an outfit.

Photo courtesy of Thibaut 

Beyond the beauty of the plant is what it does for your emotions. According to NBC News the article states that "Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too." 

Imagine that! You can bring some beauty into your home, reduce your stress level and boost your mood at the same time with the addition of plants. 

Today add a plant to your desk or cut some stems from your garden. Visit garden centers like Terrain to get inspiration you've never experienced before. 

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