How to find your Decorating Style in 2012

Why Beauty is always in the eye of the Beholder
when it comes to Decorating the Home

It never ceases to amaze me how my clients' eyes zero in on a particular fabric or piece of furniture, as we review options in the design of their home. Initially they may find it hard to describe what they are looking for, but the minute they ‘see’ it, they know that’s what they want, or don’t want.
Although we are all similar in many ways, we have definite choices or preferences in how we furnish our homes. I always look for that ‘aha’ moment or response from my clients to help me to define our plan for decorating.
Do you love a bold or classic look? Maybe zen and serene is your style. Refined and elegant may define you. But until you start looking at fabrics, furniture or kitchen designs you may be puzzled on how to capture a look that is yours alone.
Today, you can start to picture yourself in your dream home by simply ‘Google-ing’ fabric companies, furniture companies or room settings at Build a scrapbook of your favorite room settings. That’s the way to get things going. Your dream home may not happen overnight. But it will happen only if you decide today to take the first step.
Have a beautiful New Year!

Mary Alice Smith is an interior designer in the New Jersey and metropolitan New York areas.
She can be reached at 732 690-2030 or at

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