What My Best Clients Do To Avoid Stress and Get Their Projects Done (So They Can Enjoy Their Homes)

Is Decorating Your Home Scary?

If the idea of a home renovation leaves you at a loss for where to start -   
Surprise! - you're in the right place! I know you have decisions to make, people to contact and budgets to stick to. Yes, all of that takes time.

It will take time to meet with architects, contractors and interior designers to help you decide what to keep in your home and what will change.

But, remember, if you take the time, you can eventually enjoy the good things in life - like your home! But you say "I hardly have time now!" Yes, that's true.

It's all about small wins.

Every small win makes my successful clients want to get to their next small win.

And so it is with home renovations or decorating. You schedule meetings with your contractor and interior designer, the first important win.

You discuss the project, another small win. Each day is a day to enjoy the feeling of getting your project off to a great start. Each day you will enjoy a small win or even many small wins.

What a great perspective and a great way to view change! Now, go click your heels and repeat:

"Today I will have small wins, one or many" - it's your mantra, your day to get your project off to a great start!

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